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Do you need help with turfing your new lawn? Don’t worry! Seek expert assistance at Greenmoor Turf & Topsoil Suppliers. We are a family-run business that has been established since 1979 offering turfing service, topsoil and bark delivery to the whole of Yorkshire including Leeds, Bradford, Castleford, Wakefield and nearby areas.


Choose from our wide range of turfs here! We also offer next-day deliveries or you can collect direct by appointment.

Affordable and efficient turfing service in Yorkshire

A step-by-guide to turf your lawn

Save your time and effort with growing a lawn of your own! With our cultivated lawns, you can enjoy a beautiful and mature lawn instantly. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to add a quality finish to your new lawn.

Hassle-free turfing service by Greenmoor Turf & Topsoil Suppliers



Ground preparation is crucial while you’re placing your new lawn. An inadequately prepared or unfertilised ground will not be able to give you quality results. Move your existing turf by cutting the grass with a spade. Once this is done, turn the soil up to 15cms deep. You can do this by either digging the area or with a rotovator. Make sure to get rid of any debris, stones, weeds or old turf.



Apply a pre-turfing fertiliser and rank it into the soil. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions for best results. We provide a 'pre turfing fertilizer' a 3L tub of pre turfing fertilizer is only £10.



Rake the ground over for a smooth surface. You can roll the ground or firm it by foot to find out if there are any soft spots left to be raked on the same level. Continue doing this until the ground is evenly firm and smooth.



Measure you lawn accurately in square meters. Turf is usually supplied in rolls for easy laying. Since the turf is cut to order, ensure you contact your supplier giving them enough amount of time to deliver.  The preparing work for laying out the turf should be carried out well in advance, at least a minimum of 24 hours before you place the order.



Start by laying one strip of turf around the outside of your lawn. Make sure you avoid using small strips on the edges since they dry out quickly. In case you have curving borders in your lawn, you can cut the strips and shape them accordingly.


Lay the first row along the longest straight line and work across the lawn by staggering the joints in each row. Butt and push the edges and ends against each other, but don’t stretch the turf. The turf should be in full contact with the soil. Avoid walking on newly laid turf for atleast 4 weeks.



Water your newly laid turf within half an hour after laying. Soak the turf completely and check if the water has seeped through the turf and into the soil below. You can check this by turning up a corner of your turf. Continue watering your turf until it has been established.


Make sure that your new lawn has enough moisture to withstand hot, dry or windy weather.  If you’re laying your lawn on a hot day, you must water it at least 3 times in a day.



We recommend you not to mow your lawn until it has rooted. You can check this by lifting up a corner of the turf and see if the roots are attached to the soil.


Set our lawnmower to the highest setting. Don’t scalp your lawn during early mowing sessions. Ensure you remove only 1/3rd of the grass every time you mow. Once your lawn is set, you can mow it to whichever length you see fit.



Since you’ve applied a pre-turf fertiliser, you don’t have to feed your lawn for the first 8 weeks. Choose your lawn feeds carefully and follow your manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

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