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Professional topsoil suppliers

Are you looking for topsoil suppliers in and around Yorkshire? Look no further! Contact us for topsoil delivery in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and nearby areas.


High-quality topsoil is essential for the early establishments and development of turfs, seeds, trees, plants and vegetables. It will become the foundation of a healthy and nourishing landscape. Call us for more information about our topsoil.

Get in touch with Greenmoor Turf & Topsoil Suppliers

Topsoil at Greenmoor Turf & Topsoil Suppliers

We supply high quality topsoil that is naturally sourced. You can choose from our supplies of loose or bagged topsoil depending on your requirements.


• Loose soil: Available in 1-27 tonne loose loads

• Bulk bags: Available in 1 tonne bags or loose


We also offer turfing service along with bark delivery at affordable prices. We are open 5 days a week and provide our services on weekends, upon request. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or need more details.

Professional topsoil suppliers in Leeds and Yorkshire.


Mushroom compost/Horse Manure/Peat compost

All £85 per tonne

20 tonne loose tipped loads £525 delivered

One tonne of

General Purpose topsoil

£85 Free delivery

Lawn Topdressing Sand

£115 per tonne

10 tonne loose tipped loads £395 Free delivery

For more information on our Landscaping Services click HERE


Horticultural Grit Sand

£69 per tonne

Ideal for drainage and levelling for under turf


One tonne of super fine

deluxe top soil

£95 Free delivery